5 Most Interesting Apple watchOS 7 Features

This is the time of the year when sensational leaks and constant rumors surrounding Apple’s upcoming operating systems for iDevices start breaking the web. Though Coronavirus outbreak has kind of brought the whole tech industry to a standstill by forcing tech titans to cancel their much-anticipated events and it’s just a matter of your time before the pandemic will even put WWDC 2020 on the backburner, nothing seems to discourage passionate leakers from nailing down the key codes. So, after wrapping up a number of the good iOS 14 leaks, I feel it’s the right time to speak about the foremost interesting watchOS 7 features that are likely to roll out this fall.

watchOS 7 Features Roundup: Long-Awaited Features May Finally Arrive

While I think of holding back excitement until all possibilities become reality, I desire to change the norm this point around. As you’ll sense my feelings, 2020 might just be the year of watchOS because of the arrival of a number of long-awaited features. and that I wouldn’t be surprised if even the most important critic of watchOS become a loyal Apple Watch wearer. Long story short, Apple goes to answer most of your Apple Watch questions (if not all) this fall – including the demand for more independence from iPhone.

Sleep Tracking

While the rumors about the built-in sleep tracking feature for Apple Watch are doing the rounds for several years, watchOS 7 could finally bring this long-awaited feature into reality. Though there are several pretty good third-party sleep tracking apps including Pillow (Free, with in-app purchases) and AutoSleep ($2.99), a stock sleep tracker which will seamlessly integrate with the Health app has been on top of my wishlist for long. And going by the demand, I’m not alone who has been calling for it.

Since Apple’s sleep tracking feature is going to be deeply integrated into iOS and watchOS, it’ll be ready to derive more health-related data which too with much-improved accuracy than its third-party counterparts. Needless to mention, being an integral part of the Health app, the app can perform sleep tracking seamlessly across iPhone and Apple Watch that’s not always the case with third-party offerings thanks to restrictions.

Detect Blood Oxygen Saturation

According to code snippets found in iOS 14, Apple is preparing to introduce a replacement Apple Watch feature which will detect blood-oxygen levels. For the uninitiated, the blood oxygen level is that the measure of the general oxygen the red blood cells have. Though blood oxygen saturation keeps fluctuating, drastic variations can cause serious health issues. While 95-100% oxygen within the blood is claimed to be normal, anything below that level might be a transparent indication of grave respiratory and even cardiac problems.

Detect Blood Oxygen Saturation

As you’ll have already guessed, the Apple Watch will immediately alert the user whenever the blood oxygen saturation drops below a particular threshold. In terms of functionality, it’ll be like the already existing pulse notifications.

Again, rumors about the introduction of a watchOS feature that detects blood-oxygen levels are blowing hot and cold ever since Apple Watch forayed onto the scene back in 2015. Besides, iFixit had also discovered some time past that the smartwatch had sensors that were equipped to watch blood oxygen levels. Hopefully, the tech giant finally breaks this long jinx this fall.

“Apple’s pulse monitor is really a plethysmograph—it looks and acts sort of a pulse oximeter, but Apple isn’t claiming it can measure your blood oxygen level. Why? Beats us.”

Share Specific Watch Face Configurations
Ever created cool watch face configurations and wished to share them together with your buddy only to seek out out that watchOS lacks this feature? If yes, you’d be really glad to urge it within the upcoming watchOS version.

Share Specific Watch Face Configurations

Customizing Apple Watch faces with eye-catching configurations (aside from good-looking accessories) has always been one among my top picks. It’s one of the higher ways to stay the monotonous feeling far away from the watch screen. Now that the watchOS will allow sharing specific watch face configurations with others, there’ll be plenty of nice-looking options to settle on from.

Even if you aren’t good at fine-tuning watch face configurations, likelihood is that pretty high that your inability will never stop you from decking up your watch face elegantly.

Parental Controls

If you’ve got gifted an Apple Watch to your kid, you’ll have wished for better control over the smartwatch at some point or the opposite in order that your child doesn’t overuse the device. In what might be like music to your ears, watchOS 7 might just fulfill your wish. As per reports, the upcoming watchOS will allow users to regulate the paired Apple Watch using the iPhone.

Depending on your needs, you’ll set the downtime, restrict access to offensive content, and even keep a track of the general usage of the watch with detailed reports delivered to you. From what I can tell it might be a step in the right direction for introducing kids-friendly Apple Watches.


Yet another feature that might bring smiles to several parents is “Schooltime”. With this new watchOS feature, you’ll manage which apps and complications are often available to be used during certain hours. Perfect for the days once you want your kid to completely specialize in the study, rather than overusing the smartwatch. Heck, albeit your job doesn’t involve invigilating kid’s Apple Watch usage, it can are available handy especially once you want to stay noise cornered while concentrating on your work or resting in bed

Other watchOS 7 Features that also are Doing the Rounds

Apart from these top five much-awaited features, there are a few other notable features that have caught my eyes. consistent with reports, watchOS 7 will accompany an Infographics Pro watch face featuring a tachymeter, which you’ll use to compute a speed supported time period. Talking about watch faces, Apple also will likely include flag watch faces for more countries. Currently, it only offers a flag to await the US.

Apple is additionally likely to bring some much-needed improvement into the architecture. For a change, the subsequent iteration of watchOS won’t be supported extensions anymore. meaning, your Apple Watch apps will not have an extension base on other devices, which may play an important role in making them function more independently.

Top watchOS 7 Rumored Features to stay a Track of

So, these are the simplest watchOS 7 features that are doing the rounds. Of course, it’s still a couple of months left before the introduction of the next-gen watchOS version, so you’ll expect the paths of leaks to urge more intensified as we get on the brink of the large day. By the way, which are your favorite leaked watchOS 7 features? pontificate within the comments below.

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