Convex Bottle Opener


The Convex bottle opener was once a huge ball bearing inside an industrial wind turbine. Design brand Revision found one of these fist-size ball bearings and knew it had a great opportunity.
Convex bottle opener

Like a mesmerizing magic trick, it warps and reflects the whole room in its smooth, curved surface. The laser-cut, reflective 304 stainless steel ball gives it a hexagonal hole, transforming it into a functional mirror bottle opener. The hexagonal hole makes three bottle-cap-gripping jaws while also giving the sphere a clear resting point.
Convex bottle opener

Furthermore, this elegant tool for the home is one you won’t hide away in a drawer. It can sit proudly on display warping and reflecting everything around it. Be sure to check out the 18-karat gold-plated mirror bottle opener, too!
Convex bottle opener

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