Ember Mug2 and Travel Mug²


Nothing blends the spirit of a Brit more than the idea of a steaming hot cup of tea. Notwithstanding, a cold and failed to remember cuppa is essentially an affront to Queen and nation. The Ember Mug2 is an exquisite (if costly), answer for this unmistakably British issue.

By interfacing the Ember mug to your cell phone by means of the going with application, you get a notice when your blend has arrived at your ideal temperature, and a warming component in the lower part of the mug keeps it hot warm until you have completed each and every drop.

Peculiarly, when we tried it out we discovered you needed to utilize two teabags to get a decent solid blend and were a little baffled that it can’t be charged through USB (something to do with it drawing a ton of intensity implies it needs its own attachment), yet that is a little cost to pay for a sizable 414ml cup of completely mild tea. Milk, no sugar (and two packs) if it’s not too much trouble

You can likewise now get the Ember Travel Mug², which is incredible for warm beverages in a hurry (or the workplace).

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