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We may see Wear OS flaunted to its maximum capacity when the since quite a while ago reputed Google Pixel Watch at long last dispatches, yet it doesn’t seem as though it will be on our wrists at any point in the near future.

Gossipy tidbits claimed that Google was working diligently making its own smartwatch to exhibit the genuine capability of Wear OS simply like the organization had done delivering the Google Pixel telephones to flaunt Android, however up until this point, we haven’t seen a Google-marked wearable.

One release even proposed it would be declared close by the Google Pixel 4, however that didn’t occur.

One report in mid-2018 from solid Twitter leaker @Evleaks says he had data from a confided in source that a Google Pixel Watch was being developed. His source said it would be reported close by the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, however that – maybe clearly – didn’t occur by the same token.

However bits of gossip and proof of the Google Pixel Watch will not vanish, so it could well be underway.

The following we will separate all that we know so far about the new watch, remembering our considerations for whether it will actually really occur. At that point, further down, we’ve assembled a rundown of the highlights we’d like from the main lead Google watch.

Update: Google has apparently requested processors from Samsung that sound ideal for a wearable, proposing the Pixel Watch could be in transit.

Quit wasting time

What’s going on here? The primary leader watch planned by Google

What will it cost? Presumably a top of the line cost, however no points of interest yet

When is it out? Possibly at some point in 2020, however most likely not

Google Pixel Watch delivery date and cost

An accurate delivery date for the reputed Google Pixel Watch isn’t clear. The most recent gossip we heard asserted October 15 at the Pixel 4 dispatch, yet that didn’t occur.

Google itself at that point affirmed there wouldn’t be a Pixel Watch in 2018. So could that mean we’ll see one of every a later year? Possibly, however nothing is ensured.

Maybe the best ongoing proof of a Pixel Watch is the way that Google is purchasing Fitbit – which could see the last organization’s wearable aptitudes put towards Google smartwatch equipment, yet that arrangement won’t close until some other time in 2020, and along these lines a smartwatch dependent on Fitbit’s tech is most likely improbable to land before 2021.

We’ve additionally heard that Google has supposedly requested processors from Samsung (as per ETNews) which would be equipped for recognizing body developments. There’s no assurance that these are for a smartwatch (they could be for a Pixel telephone) however a wearable would be an undeniable fit.

That at that point is solid proof that some type of Pixel Watch is underway, however it appears to be that Samsung still requirements to plan these processors (as of August 2020) and as Wareable notes, that would mean they won’t probably dispatch in a watch for a long time yet.

Preceding all that however a report from WinFuture around three forms of the Google Pixel Watch said the gadget has arrived at its second degree of plan confirmation, which is a test to check whether the gadget would be anything but difficult to mass produce.

That proposes the watch configuration will be last enough to be put onto the creation line soon – however this report is old now, so it very well may be wrong.

Nonetheless, a codename has likewise been spotted for a gadget called medaka. A medaka is a small fish (Google consistently utilizes codenames of ocean animals for its items) and the gadget is said to not game a score so some have interpreted this as meaning it’s the Pixel Watch.

Here are the forthcoming Google gadget codenames #leaked:#salmon and #medaka.None of the gadgets has an indent and medaka is most likely the reputed Pixel Watch. More information should surface soon.January 25, 2019

That is a genuinely old hole as well however. At the hour of composing (August 2020) we’d state it’s probably Google is or was chipping away at a smartwatch, however that we’re presumably not liable to see one dispatch any time soon.

The soonest would presumably be October 2020 close by the Google Pixel 5, yet a dispatch in 2021 or later utilizing Fitbit’s tech is presumably almost certain.

With respect to value, we don’t presently know how much this watch will cost. Considering the Pixel range is normally top of the line items with for the most part lead level costs, we’d expect that however we don’t as of now have any proof supporting it.

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Google Pixel Watch news and bits of gossip


Regarding spec, there isn’t tremendously thought about the Google Pixel Watch. We can anticipate that this should be a very good quality gadget that utilizes the most recent innovation in smartwatches, yet what that will be won’t be known until we hear breaks of the item.

The most recent news at the hour of composing is a Google patent, which subtleties a signal control framework that would permit a smartwatch to distinguish developments you make with your arm, wrist or fingers.

For instance, you could make a clench hand to dispatch Google Assistant and open the clench hand to excuse it. These motions would be done on the arm or hand that the watch is worn on. In any case, licenses aren’t constantly utilized, so there’s no assurance we’ll see this.

There could likewise be a major spotlight on wellness, both on the grounds that Google is purchasing Fitbit, and on the grounds that Google conveyed a review getting some information about highlights they’d prefer to find in Wear OS, and those highlights included things like SPO2 (oxygenation) following, rest apnea discovery, rest investigation, heartbeat alarms, recuperation time checking, stress following, matching for clinical gadgets and rec center hardware, rep recognition, and calorie following.

Obviously, it’s impossible they would all be added, however some likely could be, and it shows that Google is pondering wellbeing and wellness.

With respect to specs, the Pixel Watch is probably going to run Qualcomm’s most recent Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset that will mean upgrades to battery life and more force for running your most loved applications on your wrist. All things considered, with any karma it will utilize something even fresher, as the 3100 is jumping on a piece now and a replacement is past due.

What we need to see

Underneath we’ve assembled a rundown of the things we need to see from the Google Pixel Watch.

  1. Turning crown or bezel

Samsung’s Gear Sport utilizes a turning bezel

Samsung’s Gear Sport utilizes a turning bezel

Before the change to Wear OS, Android Wear 2.0 put a major spotlight on how the plan had been adjusted to play well with pivoting bezels and crowns, however then we haven’t seen numerous watches grasp that.

Why not use it for the Google Pixel Watch? Those highlights might be far in Google’s back view reflect as the Wear OS refreshes take point of reference, however we’d love to see an imaginative method of collaborating with the watch, for example, a turning crown or bezel.

  1. In-show unique mark scanner

On the off chance that Google truly needs to make the Pixel Watch famous, adding an in-show unique mark scanner would go far to doing that. Right now Wear OS watches (and the Apple Watch) permit you to protect them with a PIN code – however that is not the most secure type of assurance accessible.

With an in-show unique mark scanner, the safe biometric innovation would fit consistently into the wearable without disturbing the visual allure of the watch. It would likewise permit you to endorse buys over the current contactless cutoff (accepting the Pixel Watch accompanies NFC).


There are a few possible negatives here however. Right off the bat, the expansion of this youngster innovation could build the thickness of the watch – and nobody needs an excessively stout wearable – yet furthermore it’ll likewise likely push the sticker price far up.

On the off chance that Google can beat these two things however, you can sign us up for a Pixel Watch at the present time.

  1. Swimproof

We’re utilized to smartwatches accompanying a degree of residue and water obstruction, however barely any convey an IP affirmation sufficiently high to guarantee their endurance when we cannonball into the neighborhood pool.

A completely swim-evidence Google Pixel Watch would not just permit you to keep the wearable on in the shower, yet additionally permit you to follow exercises in the pool unafraid of breakdown.

  1. Multi day battery life

The new improved battery saver mode on Wear OS

The new upgraded battery saver mode on Wear OS

This is a straightforward one, yet we need the Google Pixel Watch to keep going as long as could be expected under the circumstances. Envision a completely fledged smartwatch that doesn’t require charging following two days of escalated use.

Wear OS is coordinating a valuable improved battery saver mode that should give you much additional time with your smartwatch, yet it’ll restrict the measure of highlights you can utilize when it’s on.

Plainly Google needs to improve how long your watch will last from one charge, yet we’d love to see a major battery inside the watch and very much advanced programming that offers the best battery for a smartwatch available at the present time.

  1. NFC installments

Another basic one here, yet a significant number Wear OS watches don’t accompany NFC worked in so you’re not ready to utilize Google Pay highlights on your wrist. That is a dissatisfaction for many individuals, so we’re trusting Google will incorporate a NFC chip inside the watch.

That will particularly be helpful when you’re out for a run and you need to purchase a container of water, yet you’ve left your wallet at home.

  1. Top tier wellness


Garmin’s Forerunner 935 accompanies a great deal of wellness highlights worked in.

Garmin’s Forerunner 935 accompanies a great deal of wellness highlights worked in.

While we’re on the subject of running, we need the Pixel Watch to contend with the wellness ability of the Apple Watch 3 just as top-end expert watches like the Garmin Forerunner 935.

Envision if Google can incorporate the entirety of the most recent following tech including precise GPS, LTE so we can tune in to music in a hurry just as a top of the reach pulse tracker.

We need to have the option to tie the Google Pixel Watch to our wrist and head out for an activity and realize we’ll be followed precisely and get as much wellness details as possible.

  1. Very good quality watch plan

This one is guaranteed, however we need to see a watch that you’re not humiliated to wear on your wrist. Only one out of every odd Wear OS watch is a lovely creation, so we wish Google will have the option to offer a slimmer alternative than most different makers that utilizes top of the line materials and feels like an appropriate watch you’re eager to wear.

In case you will spend a decent lot of cash on another watch, you’ll need it to look incredible on your wrist so this is one of the main things we need to see on the new wearable.

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Primary picture: Misfit Vapor running new Wear OS

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