HONOR Magic Watch 2 42mm

Innovation Made Personal

7-Day Battery Life

Personalized Watch Faces

15 Goal-Based Fitness Modes

Steel Yourself. Be Brave. 316L Stainless Steel

Magic Watch 2’s enclosure is made of refined 316L stainless steel – a commonly used material in the aerospace industry, offering high strength to weight ratio and less susceptibility to nicks and scratches from everyday activities. 

Own Every Mile Running Courses

The built-in running app comes with 13 different running courses with real-time Voice Over guidance4. If you’re new to running or are experienced, you’ll find something suitable to help improve your endurance right away.

Swimming Heart Rate Monitoring

With 50m water-resistance6 and all-new HUAWEI True Seen™ 3.5, Magic Watch 2 helps you understand your swim performance better, measuring your heart rate accurately including SWOLF, distance, calories, and speed.

Ultimate Workout & Health Guru 15 Goal-Based Fitness Modes

Stay motivated on the way to crushing your goals. Magic Watch 2 fitness modes have voiceover guidance for real-time actionable advice. In the evening, take a break and spend a minute relaxing your mind via the breathing app for a better night’s sleep.

More Useful Smart Features

Continue to live in the moment. At your convenience, Magic Watch 2 lets you access commonly used smartphone features like checking the weather app, setting the alarm, or starting the stopwatch timer, all without even touching your HONOR smartphone.

A Breakthrough in Battery Performance for Up to 7 Days

Get more from your performance 24/7. Powered by the all-new HUAWEI Kirin A1 chipset, Magic Watch 2 processes data faster, using less power for the same results.

SpO2 Monitor at Your Wrist

HONOR Magic Watch 2’s SpO2 Monitor10 measures oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream so that you can assess how your body is adapting during workouts or at high altitudes.

A Smartphone Free Adventure Dual Satellite Positioning Systems

With Dual Satellite Positioning Systems3, Magic Watch 2 accurately records your speed and route when running, walking, or cycling. An altimeter or an altitude meter will even track your elevation during hikes and climbs.

Better Training for Safety

Magic Watch 2 helps you optimize safe training with a variety of data such as VO2Max7 and the effects of anaerobic or aerobic exercise.
 Understand the expected outcome of your workouts and know how long you need to recover so your body is primed for the next one.

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