Mini GPS Tracker

  • Realtime Mini GPS Location Tracker
  • Track Your Vehicles Or Kids Accurately From Anywhere In India From Your Mobile.
  • Works From Anywhere In India.
  • SIM Based & Compatible With All 3G/4G SIMs in India.
  • Free Activated VODAFONE Sim With 6 Months Internet/Data Plan.
  • 5 Years Free Android/iPhone App Licence.
  • No Monthly Cost
Mini GPS Tracker
  • Instant Setup & Start Using In 5 Minutes
  • Very tiny size device to put anywhere( 2 inches)
  • No need any installation or wires ( Easy Plug and play )
  • ZERO MONTHLY COST : No monthly charges or renewal charges
  • LONG BATTERY BACKUP : Huge Battery backup of 12 days  (Standby)
Mini GPS Tracker
  • USB CHARGING : Compatible with any usb car or trucks charger & runs non-stop for unlimited time
  • LIVE AUDIO : Listen to the sounds & audio nearby device anytime secretly without making any sound.
  • ANTI-THEFT : Auto call back to your number whenever there is any sound near gps tracker, like any thief  trying to steal your bike/car/vehicle etc
Mini GPS Tracker
  • SOS BUTTON: Very useful for kids/women safety also, with help of SOS Panic button feature. Press Panic/SOS button will call to relative/family number and alert them for help

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