OPPO Enco Free

A Perfect Pair for your Smartphone

Dynamically Designed for total wireless freedom

OPPO Enco Free headphones are designed to integrate seamlessly with your smartphone, Optimizing every aspect of your day to day listening. From improved gaming and video experiences and AI uplink noise cancellation during calls to the ease of slide and top controls, it works with your mobile device to deliver new levels of wireless freedom.

Fast, Stable Audio Delivered Straight to your Ears

OPPO’s industry-leading binaural simultaneous Bluetooth Transmission* delivers sound to the left and right ears simultaneously, giving you highly synchronized audio. Meanwhile, system wide optimizations intended to eliminate delay, lag, incompatibility and and other disturbances help boost your signal quality for an undisrupted experience, whether it is gaming, watching videos or making calls.

Radically redesigned cutting-edge Audio

Speakers are the heart and soul of your headphones. OPPO Enco Free pack in cutting edge ultra dynamic speakers to deliver incredible audio performance, combining the FPC positioning system used in high-end stereo equipment with a sophisticated dual magnetic circuit and composite diaphragm mode of titanium dome and magnalium cladding.

Intuitive Controls

Double- tap on either side of your OPPO Enko free headphones is all it takes to answer calls or switch your music on and off. To adjust the volume or change tracks, just slide your finger up or down on the headphones.

A Striking Aural Glow

Wireless headphone don’t have to look like wired headphones with the wires cut off. The OPPO Enko Free’s touch control surfaces stand out from crowd with their futuristic aesthetic and captivating glow line design. Each side tapers in to a graceful curve illuminated with streams of light, for inspired look that’s store leave an impression.

Be Heard Wherever you are.

In the mobile era, there’s no time for worrying when or where you’ll be able to take a call. OPPO’s advanced dual microphone-beam forming technology and AI uplink noise cancellation work together to shield your calls from outside noise, so your voice can be heard clearly in any environment.

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