Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Hardware Specifications

After months and months of waiting, Sony has finally revealed some hardware specifications for the upcoming PlayStation 5 during a live stream on the official PlayStation blog.

Right off the bat, let me clarify that the corporate still didn’t give us any kind of a sneak-peek at the planning of the console so if you were waiting with bated breath for that kind of thing and are now extremely disappointed, well, join the club.

Speaking of the hardware though, PlayStation 5 lead system architect Mark Cerny was on the stage taking us through every little detail about the PS5, and the way the team behind the console took all of these decisions, and it had been pretty interesting.

The console will feature, needless to say, a custom AMD CPU supported the Zen 2 architecture, and with its frequency capped at 3.5GHz. as compared, the Xbox Series X features a custom AMD CPU supported the Zen 2 architecture that runs at 3.8GHz.

In terms of memory, the PlayStation 5 will have an SSD for storage, which is another thing we just about knew. However, there have been two surprises here also. The first, not that great one, was that the PS5 will have an 825GB SSD, which isn’t only considerably less than the 1TB SSD within the Xbox Series X but is additionally just a weird amount of storage.

The good surprise, however, is that Sony will support M.2 SSDs from the open market if players want to expand storage. However, they’re going to got to support the fast 5.5Gb/s bandwidth that Sony’s internal SSD is functioning on, and Mark Cerny said that the corporate is going to be testing these new PCIe 4.0 based M.2 SSDs and can release an inventory of recommended SSDs for the PlayStation 5.

Personally I feel this is often probably a far better solution than what Xbox has through with its “Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card”, but we’ll need to wait and see until we get more details around what Sony has in mind, and this Xbox expansion card.

What’s more, the PlayStation 5 also will pack during a custom AMD GPU using the RDNA 2 architecture. The GPU has 36CUs, and a complete performance of 10.3TFLOPS — a variety that seems dwarfed by the Xbox Series X’s 12TFLOPS; a minimum of on paper.

Clearly, in terms of numbers on a sheet, the Xbox Series X seems to be easily beating out the PlayStation 5. But numbers can often just be numbers, and therefore the console wars are going to be fought on more grounds than raw performance, including services, launch exclusives, and more — let’s see what both these companies have future for us all.

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